The World is a Cylinder

Some people say that the earth is flat, and some people say that the earth is a sphere, which i clearly think is wrong

Here is why it is a cylinder


Here is a link explaining why the earth is cylinder

Alright Alright Alright that was a joke. Now lets get serious. I will now talk about the NUMBER ONE argument for the globe theory. Using simple logic and knowledge of how Perspective works over a flat log versus a sphere. I will talk about why the "ships over the horizion argument" only proves you are NOT on a sphere, but on a cylinder.

This old argument has been talked about for 500 years as "evidence" that the Earth is a globe, yet there is one problem with this argument. Your ball Earth is supposed to be curving away at EVERY axis.. X and Y. Yet ships and buildings are only seen chopped off at the bottom of the X axis, not the Y axis. If this is your #1 proof, globe supporters, then you are defending the CYLINDER EARTH THEORY...

As the great Yoda said.. "You must Unlearn what you have learned".. if you want true knowledge.

WHAT YOU ARE SEEING HERE.. IS Real.. And nothing more!

Full argument

Please watch the video above to hear the Full argument and presentation, if you do not understand.